Skylight Installation in Philadelphia, PA

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option to add more natural light into your home’s master bedroom, bathroom or laundry room, trust the Philadelphia skylight installation professionals with over 30 years of experience! Our team of roofers have been installing and maintaining leak-free residential skylights since the early 1990s. Reliable Roofing Company proudly serves clients throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County. Depending on your roof’s framing, your desired functionality expectations (light, air circulation, motorized, etc.) and location of the skylight there are several options you can choose between. To discuss skylight installation or maintenance options, call 267-418-5522 for a free, no obligation consultation!


Residential Skylight Installation Benefits

Besides adding in extra natural light to interior rooms that may be lacking, there are many benefits of a skylight installation project. Instantly improve comfort to a humid laundry room with a skylight that opens electrically or manually! A skylight is also a great return on investment for homeowners looking to sell, because of their ability to lower utility bills, year-round energy efficiency and upgrade to the home’s aesthetic. While the upfront cost will depend on the amount of roof windows, special glazing and the functions, it is well worth it for the added comfort and beauty that will last for many years when well-maintained. Keep in mind, skylight installation is very labor-intensive; not only do we have to cut into the house to frame, insulate and install the units, our roofers are caulking, taping and sealing to prevent any leaks or water damage.

Roof Window Maintenance & Care Tips

A professional skylight maintenance inspection is recommended yearly to check for hairline cracks and other such structural flaws to prevent expensive damage and water leaks. However, there are many DIY recommendations to keep it clean all year long. Always be inspecting for leaks and call a roofer right away if you discover damp spots on the ceiling or carpet. Further, regular dusting and a deep cleaning will ensure the inner panel is clean and shiny. For outer maintenance, you can use a power washer to remove dirt and debris and built-up snow/ice should be safely cleared to prevent ice dam formation.

Call Reliable Roofing Company today so see the best options for new skylight windows installed in your home. We offer skylights from the best, most trusted brands in the industry and in a wide variety of styles and functions depending on your budget.